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Together with your friends, create predictions for all matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

( - Football and Friends. Tool Kit)

Added GUEST mode! Register, put the guest in the questionnaire - and look over your shoulder to the forecasters!

Register. Create a team. Enter your predictions.

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✓ Compete with your friends.

✓ Lead your team to the leaders.

✓ Collect points for your country.

The goal of the project is not the profit of the participants, but the gentlemen's competition and heating up the interest in the championship matches.

At the World Cup 2018 we are waiting for a lot of interesting and exciting matches. But to make watching matches even more exciting we created our project Football and Friends. Even watching the game for the last place will excite and keep in suspense, what can we say about top meetings.

All this is available with participation in our game of predictions.

Who does not like to play with friends? The project will give you this opportunity! Gather your friends on the team and prove your superiority. And the entire routine for scoring for you will make the site.

A brief description of the scoring system can be found in the Description section.

The system was successfully tested at the last World and European Championships. The participants of the teams had something to talk about and what to discuss on friendly sit-rounds. The system also calculated the budget of the final party and the share of participation of each. But it is a matter of taste and wishes of the participants. You can always stop at the stage of distribution of points.

Also, you can compete not only with your friends but also with all visitors of the site - in the individual classification, in the team event, in the club competition (for your favorite football club), or stand up for the honor of your country's forecasters.